i hate complaining but..
Isn't that all this journal is good for? I never know what adult content rating to put here...like is swearing adult concept or what? Um it's probably in the terms of service or something v_v

Anyway so my room mates have had friends over the past few days and they've been keeping me awake late... waa...

Other than that....I got the new Utada Hikaru album, Heart Station. It's reaaalllllly good. I love Take 5, it's the best track. I also became obsessed with the song "Blue Moon" by Anna Tsuchiya, I think I listened to that on repeat ALL DAY yesterday.

I hope everyone had a good Easter... Or is having one. It's Sunday so I guess it's still going on... Anyway ahem. I got to see my mom, her fiancee and my lil bro and we went out and I ATE STEAK IT WAS SOOO AWESOME OMGGGGG I also got a SWEET! magazine at Chapters about digital painting and comics... It's called ImagineFX, if you go to their website they have lots of tutorials in .pdf's. My mom also gave me A FUCK LOAD of chocolate and cookies she made. Like, woman I am trying to lose ten pounds but thank you. And she got me a shirt o_O My mom is too nice to me.  I didn't get her anything . . .

So yesterday I wrote a book report on Twilight for my Elective course, Reading for Recreation. So I thought I'd post for your browsing pleasure...

Holy fuckkkkk worst fucking day ever...

I have failed my last two animation assignments (somehow...seriously don't know how in my final year I suddenly got worse and am failing even though I've spent more time on those animations that I handed in than I ever have anyway I'm going to appeal my marks to another teacher tomorrow)

I pretty much lost it in my teacher's office and started crying. And then cried in class.... I dunno I just  get more upset when people try to comfort me and stuff.... ugh... god damn it's so embarassing to have people see me cry. I look like a fucking zombie when I get upset and GOD DAMNIT anyway my life is like ridiculously stressful lately.


#1 Hello

I finally decided to start using my livejournal to describe the fascinating details of my life and to also post writings and sketchbook pages. Well... first I should start with a self introduction in case you don't know me. I am a third year traditional animation student at Algonquin College. Therefore I am highly interested in cartoons.

I love cookies, too.

So I wanted to try exercising my writing skills, because they've been pretty much neglected since coming to college. SO I HAVE DECIDED TO WRITE A DAILY HAIKU. In case you forgot fucking elementary school English, a Haiku is a Japanese poem that consists of 3 lines. The first line is 5 syllables and the second is 7 syllables and the third is again, 5 syllables. WOW

I am totally 12 minutes late for my class right now I guess I'll write one later.


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